Unleash Your Purpose


Unleash your purpose-today! Do you know your purpose in life? Are you living up to your full potential? You can do both successfully and powerfully by learning how to unleash the plan your Creator designed especially for you! Today, the moral fabric of too many societies is being stretched and tested to the outer limits. People seem to be out of touch with their purpose and the values, morals, and convictions that build strong families, secure communities, and prosperous nations. When we lose our sense of purpose and significance, then confusion, frustration, disillusionment, and corporate suicide-whether gradual or instant-reign. Dr. Myles Munroe’s personal experiences and stories are balanced with a solid biblical foundation to help you regain your sense of purpose. You can unleash your God-given talents and skills, and benefit from your potential-every joyful day of your life!


Q: Tell us about your background
A: My name is Timi Dakolo I was born in 20th January sometime in the early 80s am the first of three children am the super Doba ijeh guy what else, I love what I do, actually I do music in many form, I do music and a whole lot of things outside music.
Q: What is growing up like for you?
A: I grew up with my grandmother, it was tough for that woman; may her soul rest in perfect peace, I don’t use to think like that when I was small I think she was wicked but truly she gave me the cold values of life and all that, basically school was not easy growing up as a child was not easy, as a child I have to do a lot by myself and everything basically that is how I grow up its wasn’t easy

Q: So how did you get into the idol?

A: Is one boy that forces me oh! I didn’t want to go honestly, the guy’s name Isaiah, is my friend, we were playing play station, he came to distract me when they score me, they say I must go for idol that I need to see, at list I felt it was even the normal thing, so that was how I went on the first day, when I got there, it wasn’t easy I saw seven thousand people and that was my last card I used to get there I was now telling my friend if I come back to port Harcourt, I’ll use your to see beans, anyways, I went and the whole lesion of the idol is even risky not to take risk
Q: Were you in anyway related to anybody?
A: Actually not, when I went there first it was for the fun of it ,I went there everybody was like what’s up, wetin  happen, let me just go and see let us laugh I had to ask them first if they are televising it, are you people recording it ?,the first time they did not record it ,I was comfortable because if I had failed time I would have ran back to my house and nobody would have seen me but anyways that is that.
Q: So how is the challenges so far after idol?
A: Ups and down, down still and turn around but we are still here to tell the story, u (singing) “they say we’ll tell the story how we over come” am just joking oh! Laughing
Q: What have you been up to? 
 A: Many things o, if I have tell u that I have recorded like 25 to30 songs people don’t use to believe, people use to think I just sit in my house I don’t do anything that tiny boy, but let me tell you I have a slogan is the man that laugh last that laugh best, the race is not for the sweet, the battle is not for the strong, riches don’t come to men of understanding time and chance happen to us all.
Q: How would you describe your type of music?
A: I don’t have a particular type of music I can wake up in the morning and sing reggae, rock, hip hop etc it doesn’t just enter imaging me doing one type of music, you will say what’s wrong with that young man, I have different jobs, I use to tell people I grow up in a house where we use to listen to reggae music, like I raw u raw, burning spare do you know the song, you don’t know them that how I grow up.

Q: Which other thing can you do apart from music?

A: I can make people laugh, but I can’t be a comedian, I can’t mix the two and I write, I like to write a lot, some of my time to play play-station don’t try me you can’t hold pad
Q: If not for idol what else would u have done?
A: Well I grow up in a house where they say go to school get good grade work in shell, marry a good wife live happily, ha men that was really frustrating me no fit, with tie my boss will say where is that file I will bring it, I would have committed suicide actually, I can sit down like not doing stuffs but I couldn’t have work they wound have sack me in five places
Q: How far has your music gone?
A:  Very far I can’t believe it that this sweet voice in just coming from London actually I have to go and please them any how see oyibo girl just shouting anyhow I have to stop and ask myself is me this, but it was fun because for me when people sing your song and not from your zone and they sing your song along with you its gives you that special feelings like men after all whole thing it was worth it
Q: What has been your inspiration so far?
A: I have just one inspiration the one thing that keeps me going is the will to succeed
Q: Any high point career?
 A: But am just starting
Q: What was it like winning idol?
A: Winning idol was dangerous trust me, let me tell you is dangerous, is like taking a man up to an apex and leave him there, that is how variety shows are, they just take you there and leave you there and everybody expects  you to perform and everybody looks at you like OK we don vote make we see, and I use to say reality show don’t prepare you for the world outside, they just make you feel that everything is about voting and life starts when the voting ends, am happy it gave me the platform to hold, but I don’t stay in there, my high point is going to be my next song once am done
Q: What was your reaction when they mention your name on the stage?
A: Is just that one moment that takes your breath away that you can’t explain
Q: But you were in tears, what was on your mind?
 A: I was counting the money actually, well is a 50/50 stuff, is either somebody win, because I have the heart of a winner, anyhow let me tell you in choir I use to be the fourth back up, when like three people didn’t show up in church, that’s how I was, so winning I say finally. Abeg abeg I don try. That was how it was for me, anybody can win but winning was great men!
Q: What is the message you have for your fans, people who look to you?
A: It is riskier not to take risk, you know that gender that says just do it, I talk a lot don’t mind, do you know that there are times that music just come to me, I actually told someone that music  use to come to me, that I can woke up with music or song on my head if somebody steal my phone, he is probably going to be like one of the riches persons in this world cause there are music on my phone. I don’t see anything wrong with been dissatisfy with the way you are, is not about a thing of greed.
Q: Finally, what do you think about explode?

A: Cool, this is what I want to do in my life, like carry people along, add to somebody’s life at list  one word at list something to challenge the mind, you know this our society is blind and demanding you just make it satisfy like OK this is how life is, but if you see somebody that is doing stuff that started from where you started with nothing at all and he’s doing stuff it challenge your mind set that if this person can do it, I can do it, that is why  I am here because I want to tell somebody; say  things way them dey tell you say you need money to survive, is not only money you need to survive, you need ideas

Hairdressers’ Conference And Exhibition 2012

The event, Hairdressers Conference & Exhibition is the First of its kind in Nigeria, Born out of the desire to project the hair industry forward in line with international standards. The conference will be attended by hairdressers all over Nigeria and beyond, at least, five thousand (5,000) hairdressers will attend this year’s conference. Top on the list of activities include:
LECTURES: Competent, successful, up to date professional hairdressers and consultants will come in from different parts of the world to speak on relevant issues like Salon/staff management, Self improvement, customer service, Hygiene, etc

  • Also lecturing will be motivational speakers who will touch on life and image changing topics.
  • Latest hairdressing techniques, styles and trends will also be explored by the facilitators

EXHIBITION: Another major feature on the event is the exhibition, a platform that will afford manufacturers, corporate bodies, Salon owners and individuals the opportunity of showcasing their products/ services, launching of new products, among other things. It is therefore a manufacturers’ delight due to the wide coverage it will give their products and services.
ENTERTAINMENT: The event will also be entertaining as notable artistes/ comedians and dance groups will perform.

  • There will be light refreshment at the event.
  • Branded gifts and souvenirs will be distributed to participants.
  • Raffle Draws.

SALES: This is a point where the event reaches a climax as there will be stands for manufacturers for the sales of different products at discount prices. SALES… SALES… AND … SALES.
NOTE: Hairdressers conference is POWERED BY HAIR MEDIA …of FirstChoice Communications,

  • The publishers of African Hair and Beauty Magazine.
  • Producers of African HairTv Show
  • Organizers of Hair Industry Achievement Awards,2008 and
  •  Organizers of How to run a successful Salon2009.
  • Consultants on Naija Kanekalon Braids Parade, 2010.
  • Night of 1000 Braids, 2010
  • Night of 1000 Braids, 2011.
“Time Square Events”
27, Ajao Road, Off Adeniyi Jones,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Website: www.timesqevents.com
Tel: +234-803-302-0110, +234-808 412 8835
Email: info@hairdressersconference.com 
25th October, 2012


The annual Felabration musical festival is here again. Felabration which is in its 15th edition is the annual celebration of the life and times of the late musical icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti. This year’s event which promises to be bigger will take place in October.

The Events for this year’s festival include:
The Senior Secondary Schools Debate, the debate which is in its 2nd edition will have senior secondary students from private and public schools in Lagos. The topic for the debate is “Social Media in Africa; good or bad”. This will take place on 9th October 2012 at the Freedom Park, Lagos. The maiden edition was won by Vivian Fowler School for Girls.

The Symposium tagged The Fela Debates with the “Corruption and the Next Generation”. This will take place on Monday 15th October which incidentally Fela’birthday.. Speakers like Prof Wole Soyinka, Dr Femi Falana, Carlos Moore, Prof Osinbajo, HE Fmr Gov of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke, Mr Ben Murray Bruce and a host of others have spoken on various topics.

The Felabration Carnival is a multicultural setting which includes people dressed in various Nigerian ethnic attires on well decorated floats. This carnival is aimed at reflecting the uniqueness of African dress sense. This will take place on Saturday October 21st 2012.

The Musical Concerts will take place from Tuesday October 16th – Sunday October 22nd 2012. Artist from all over the world will be on the bill to perform for the 6 days.

Nothing Can Stop You!

The challenges, roadblocks and obstacles will come, but they can’t stop your vision from coming to pass because you were born to win!

So why do so many men buckle under pressure? Why so so many men lose sight of their God-given vision? It may be that they don’t understand how to convert the negative power of pressure into the positive power of perseverance.

People Who Are Successful Are Like Teabags?
God has put so much in you that if you are willing to capture it, nothing can stop you. There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light God has put within you.

The light of God’s vision in your heart is so strong and bright that all the darkness of the planet, all the darkness of people’s opinions, and all the darkness of past failures can never put it out.

Success in life requires perseverance. Perseverance actually means “to bear up under pressure.” I like this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, which actually applies to all people: “A woman is like a teabag.

You never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” Here’s a similar analogy: People who are successful are like teabags. When they get in hot water, they make tea. When life squeezes them, they don’t become angry; they do something constructive with the pressure.

They persevere under it and use it for their own benefit. People who have vision are stronger than the pressure life brings.

I have discovered that sometimes you don’t get the scent from the rose until you crush it. In order to draw the fragrance of His glory from your life, God will allow you to be put under stress.

The Purpose of Pressure Is?
We forget too easily that character is formed by pressure. The purpose of pressure is to get rid of what is not of God and to leave what is pure gold.

Perhaps you’re in the fire right now. It’s a good place to be. Go ahead and make tea. Surprise your enemies with the scent of God. Let them pressure you to release His glory.

No matter what people may say about you, don’t retaliate. Let them talk about you on your job. It doesn’t matter what they think. You can smile, knowing that you will come through the situation.

The Scriptures say it is not those who are swift, but those who endure to the end, who succeed.

Therefore, don’t run–stay in the fight! There is no stopping a person who understands that pressure is good for him because pressure is one of the keys to perseverance.

At times, you will find it difficult to remain in your vision. I understand. It’s tough for me to stay in mine. The demands that God is making on my ministry are high because the call requires it.

There’s a price.

Vision always demands a cost.

Someone has to pay the price.

Are You Willing To Pay The Price?
Are you willing to do it? We need to be like Paul, who was obedient to the vision God had given him to do, even at great sacrifice.

Every true vision will be tested for authenticity. If your vision is authentic, life is going to try it, just to make sure. If a vision is stopped or terminated by trials or tests, then perhaps it was not really a vision from God.

Knowing this truth can help you when you are considering whether or not to become part of a corporate vision. Check things out beforehand.



Question;Can you tell us about yourself, who is Millicent?
Millicent is a Kenyan, an actress, a former soccer player and a peer educator at the moment, and a big brother representative for Kenya and am here in Nigeria just to pursue acting movies with Nigeria producer, that’s what brought me to Nigeria, apart from that I am very passionate about sport, I have a football club for kids under fourteen years both boys and girls
Question; Can you tell us how you were brought up?
I was brought up by a single parent, my mum pass on when she was very young, life wasn’t easy growing up without nobody to guide you on what to do in terms of your dreams, how to defend yourself, growing up wasn’t easy but through Alagbo community, I was brought up by that community and they groom me to what I am today and I think that is the part of the reason why I like working towards giving back to society
Question; You said you like sport so what is your favorite team
Am a diehard Chelsea fan, am a football diehard, my family everybody plays football, we are football addict, actually we the girls are the ones playing football, the boys are more into co-operate jobs
Question; You are mostly known in your appearance in Big Brother, tell us about your experience.
Well my experience was crazy, emotional and very competitive, living with people from different houses people trying to break it down, someone to get the best of you but in the end I think I work out a better person knowing my personalities, I lent few things about myself and I think I have grown from what I was before I went into the house and is not what I am now
Question; So what have you been up to since you left Big Brother house?
Am currently just doing a lot of charity work with my charity organization, I have work as a volunteer with an organization called JIGGER due to they are educating JIGGER, I don’t what you call it in Nigeria, am here in Nigeria because I have been invited by a producer called Chris Onyasu am here to do pre of his movies and just explore Nigeria to the fullest, in terms movies industry we have bridge the gaps between Nigeria and Kenya since a lot of Kenyan watch lots of Nigeria movies
Question; Who was in your list big brother house hood?
I don’t have any list house mate, all I can say is that I didn’t really know because some of them went home early and when we were separated so I really didn’t have any list of house mate because I didn’t get to know those who were evicted very early or when we were separated.
Question; Which people did you get along with more in the house?
I got along with Karen, Sharon o, Felicia, Luclay, Kimberly, my relationship Lala was more on a competitive level because I think we have so much in common that we use to compete a lot so those are the people I will say I got along with in big brother
Question; Apart from acting and football what else do you do with your spare time?
Actually I sleep a lot and I have my own hair business, I run a hair shop so if am not acting, am busy with my hair shop or busy sleeping.
Question; So what do you think about the youth in Africa generally?
I think one thing that lack is a role model who can Mingo with them basically because the role models that are there is hard for the youth to even get in touch with them, you are a role model, a celebrity that the youth can hardly reach out to you and just talk to you on one on one level so i think what should basically happen is may be the celebrity should be more involves with the youth projects so that they will work hand in hand whereby they can be able to share their experience and exchange their experience in whatever they are known to be, that makes it easy, it’s even more motivational like in such an incident where you guys have called certain celebrity just to talk to the youth, its more inspiring rather than just reading about someone on the news paper or watching the person on TV.
Question; What’s your general tip about life and what’s your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my back ground whereby coming from a back ground I didn’t have anything, I have grown to learnt to get things for myself, I didn’t sit and wait for people to bring things for me I go and get things for myself and I think that is one thing the youth should just like work on, they should always go and get things for them self rather than wait for things to get them.
Question; Tell us about your relationship status?
I’m very single and am not in a hurry to get into any relationship, right now am working on just building me, getting to know more about Millicent give Millicent the mental fiscal, financial, foundation that she needs.
Question; So when you were in the Big Brother house is there any connection you felt with anybody?
Yes, I was attracted to Alex and we kiss somehow and that kiss leads me into trouble with the other girls during my stay but i didn’t like it so much.
Question; So how did you do with the hatred?
I just have to let them have it but at the end nobody has it.
Question: What was your strategy when you enter the house?
I didn’t have any strategy, I was just myself because you can’t have a strategy for people you don’t know, most of the people have strong personality and they are very smart, so there is no way you can come out with a strategy and try to manipulate them.
Question; What is the greatest thing you learn in the house?
Just to be with everybody, like looking back at the house now, just been with them, waking up, drinking, dancing, competing having our arsenal, the fight, those are the moment I really treasure, I can’t buy those moment,.
Question; What did you miss most?
when I was in the house what I miss most was my grandmother, I miss her so much, I wish she could watch and understand what big brother was all about because I know she loves that of comedy in her life, I really wish I could just explain it to her.
Question; Do you have any sibling or are you the only child?
I do have a smaller sister, who does everything like me, she is quite conservatives, she plays football, she has been to acting but very conservative
Question; So you are the first born?
No, am the third born
Question; Where are the others?
My two big brothers are just in Kenya doing their own thing, private life.
Question; What do they think about your entry the Big Brother house
They always support me they knew they can never stop me, so they always support me when it’s about things that I will grow from; they have always been there for me.
Question; Did you think you were going to win?
did I think I was going to win, yes, my goal was to win when I enter into the house but I didn’t win, that break my heart but still it gives me a better plat form on what I am today and what I want to do, still I believe I work out as a winner just being a representative of Kenya.
Question: What do you want to say to the youth?
I just want to tell them they should just package them self, like know what they want to do and go and get things for them self, things will not get them.
Question; So what do we expect from you
Expect allot of movies, Nollywood and Kenya collabo.