Liadi Adedayo

Liadi Adedayo recently won the first prize of the competition organized at the Festival SANGA 3, the fifth African and Indian Ocean dance platform (Madagascar, November 2003). His piece Ori (The Head), performed by the Compagnie Ijodee, had been selected along with 11 other dance pieces by African choreographers.
Adedayo, who works as choreographer and dancer, graduated at the Centre of Dance and Choreography – Janti B in Senegal and founded the Company Ijodee in 1998. In his pieces he uses traditional dance and music as sources of inspiration and as a glossary for composition, and confronts them with a variety of influences and styles coming from Contemporary Dance. In this connection, Liadi Adedayo puts emphasis on training abroad in order to gather as much experience as possible. In his approach to dance, Liadi has taken up the challenge to reposition the dance practice in Nigeria and further on to work for the international recognition of African Dance.



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